Can't Type...Fingers Frozen...

By Miguel Diaz 12 Jan 2004

For a company that makes a disgusting amount of money, one would think they would be able to afford heat. It seems however that the concept has escaped them.

<p>About 10-15 years ago, the building I&#8217;m in was built as a &#8220;temporary&#8221; solution to some space issues that were encountered on this campus.  As such I could probably piss through one of the walls to the outside (insulation? what&#8217;s that?).  Being as nobody works on the weekend (supposedly), management figures that they shouldn&#8217;t have the heat on (to save money).  So, come Monday morning when we all get in to work, the heat finally pops on (barely) but it takes and inordinate amount of time for the building to heat up.  This morning it was <a href="">55 degrees</a> when I got in here.  I can wear all the sweaters and coats in the world; but I still haven&#8217;t learned to type in gloves.  Perhaps, I should just work from home for the winter&#8230;at least I&#8217;m not <a href="">too cheap to pay for heat</a>.</p> 

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