getting together

by heather mascianica Wed 28 May 2003 00:05:08

email is becoing to cumbersome.

<p>i suggest a thread here for planning furture get-togethers.  last time we comepletely lost jere.  the time before we we hours late.  so lets post all upcoming events here (including meeting places and times and cell phone numbers) and if you would like to joint the party or have alternative suggestions, just say so.</p>

<p>new year&#8217;s at jere&#8217;,s of course, is mandatary.  and everymone must come.  with booze.  and the rest.</p>
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i'm a touch drunk. my speech is slurred.

s/to cumbersome/too cumbersome/;

s/we we/we were/;

s/meeting places/punctual meeting places;


You didn't actually "lose" me, and I owe you an apology for not getting there (I can't even remember now where "there" was supposed to be), but I was suddenly overcome by this need to finish lesson plans because the next day I would be picking Raim up and that always chomps about 5 hours off a day, all of it driving, which then needs to be recovered from.

However, the idea is a good one, and I definitely agree that New Year's at Jere's is mandatory (only I hesitate to use that word myself, but the rest of you feel free to think that way... heh heh.)

How was the Blue Man Group?

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