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By jere 18 Sep 2001

I was talking with a colleague today and mentioning how curious I found it that no one has claimed responsibility for the attacks of 9-11. This person made several comments which have sent me seriously thinking. Granted I am probably the #1 most naive and gullible person on earth, so you all will probably get the implications faster than I…

anomalies: flight manuals in <strong>Arabic</strong>??!! Flight manuals are not printed in Arabic; moreover&#8212; flight manuals left conspicuously on display after the passengers in the car make an issue of getting noticed?; a Muslim, about to embark upon a suicide mission as part of a holy war, spending his last night on earth in a <strong>bar</strong> with lots of exposed female flesh (and then giving out broad, dark hints?)? (Those are the most glaring at the moment; probably others of you can think of more.)

<p>In the law game, one asks, cui bono?  Who profits?  So, who profits, my friends, from setting the military might of an outraged United States against Arabs?  (And why is Sharon of Israel so adamant that Palestine never be included in any coalition that might be mounted against &#8212;- whom?) I can think of a few candidates; but one stands out rather sickeningly&#8230; devious, diabolical and the sort of stuff that Robert Ludlum capitalized on..</p>

<p>However, as the song says, Just because you&#8217;re paranoid, don&#8217;t mean they&#8217;re not after you&#8230;</p>