Population control in China

By Miguel Diaz 14 Jan 2004

According to Oneworld.net China will be doing away with child quotas. Apparently this all stems from work the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) has been doing throught China to promote other forms of birth control.

<p>I&#8217;ve never actually been to China like some of you have, so I&#8217;ll leave commentary on their political situation to those who are better informed than myself; but I&#8217;d have to say this is a huge win for human rights across the board.  More freedom for couples to make choices about the families they raise, more freedom for women to make their own (hopefully informed) decisions about birth control, no more killing of female offspring in favor of males.  Apparently the UN <span class="caps">CAN</span> do something right.</p>

<p>Naturally, <a href="http://www.pritchettcartoons.com/bush2.htm">Bush</a> managed to worm his way into this story as well.  His administration is witholding millions of dollars in funding from <span class="caps">UNFPA</span>.  &#8220;Why?&#8221; you ask?  Well, I&#8217;ll <a href="http://www.agi-usa.org/pubs/journals/gr050413.html">tell you</a>.  Anti-birth control groups successfully convinced the slow-witted one that simply by having a program in China, <span class="caps">UNFPA</span> was contributing to the &#8220;coercive abortion or involuntary sterilization&#8221; generally attributed to current Chinese population control guidelines.  Now <span class="caps">IANAL</span>, but to me it sounds like those are exactly the types of things that <span class="caps">UNFPA</span> is trying to move China away from.  My guess is either Bush couldn&#8217;t read what he was given, or they caught him while he was strung out.  Although, he IS actually that evil, so he may have known what he was doing.  He probably figured it was an easy way to finance a few more bombs to drop on unsuspecting <a href="http://www.eurasianet.org/departments/insight/articles/eav070302.shtml">Afghan weddings</a>.</p> 

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