Trouble brewing...

By Miguel Diaz 12 Jul 2005

So…I was trying to respond to emile’s comment in my last post and it doesn’t seem to be working happily. Maybe I’m just impatient. After I added my comment it didn’t show up (either on the main page, or in the post itself)…so like a typical psycho, I tried several more times expecting something different to happen (e.g. the post to show up)…no love…then I login to the admin section and go to “Manage Comments” and all of them (4 or 5) were there…so I deleted the duplicates, but it still doesn’t seem to be showing up…what did I break?

<p>Update: Nevermind&#8230;I was just impatient&#8230;so now, I guess my next question is: Why the hell does it take so long for a comment to show up&#8230;I have <span class="caps">ADD</span>, I need the instant gratification&#8230;</p> 

Tags: bug thraxil