Satan Oscillate my metallic sonatas

By Chris Williams 14 Oct 2002

OK, so upon reading my last post, it dawned on me that the first line actaully was moderately congruous with the remainder of the message. Hooray for serendipity. In the interests of veracity, here’s the real story…

<p>So I was a few sheets to the wind a few nights past when I sent an e-mail out to a former significant other o&#8217; mine. &#8216;Twas her birthday and all, and we hadn&#8217;t spoken in about a year. That was my Caesar-ish Rubicon quip. The fact that it blended in so wonderfully with my present employer&#8217;s ignorance of my skills just made things a tad more ironic. </p>


<p>One of these days, I&#8217;m gonna make a stone cold sober report&#8230;</p>