by anders pearson Sat 02 Dec 2000 11:49:22

i haven’t been to a McDonald’s in many many years so you could probably guess (correctly) that i don’t have anything particularly nice to say about them. however, i can only laugh when someone finds a chicken head in their wings and gets all grossed out and offended.

in other parts of the world, it is considered good form to serve you your chicken and fish along with the head to prove that it was freshly killed. however, someone should have warned the chinese that if you give a bunch of drunk american college students some chicken and fish heads, modern art is a likely outcome. tuck also has some fascinating footage of the entertainment possibilities inherent in chickenhead soup.

(my apologies for the poor quality of the chicken/fish sculpture. i scanned it in a few years ago when i didn’t really have access to a decent scanner.)

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