tall, dark and...

by anders pearson Sun 17 Dec 2000 16:53:56

i have progressed even further along my path to the dark side. with the help of my friends Julintip and Sheela, i purchased a nice black Kenneth Cole suit today. after seeing my combat boots, i received several threats to the effect of “if you wear those boots with this suit, i will have to kill you”. so i got some nice shoes too.

before you berate my silliness, go watch “American Psycho” and “Falling Down”. suits can be badass too…

and if any of you have any plans to be in midtown manhattan anywhere near the holidays, drop them now! crowds drive me nuts. i almost had to go postal.


hey man, don't even forget about all the cool lines of work you're eligible for now.

"Agent Smith, meet our newest member, Agent KSC."

so after the shoes, don't forget your desert eagle.

mmm ... suits. I think suits are altogether more impressive these days when far less people are wearing them (back 20 years everyone wore them, now if you see one it really holds a little meaning). At any rate nowadays only two breed people wear suits ... serious business men and scary people. Well satan is a serious business man and pretty scary I suppose soo ... yeah. I think I would have to respectfully fear Anders in a suit (not that I don't already).
But then again the suit really needs to fit the personality. Myself for example ... would never be found dead in a suit. Perhaps the best fashion statement I can ever hope to make would involve a bear carcass, lots of mud, and a big spiked club ... I know this because I once saw a special about me on the discovery channel. They were talking about how large testosterone-based lifeforms such as myself are relatively stupid and easily excitable ... was a pretty good watch to be honest ...
hmm. Taper off time.

if death manifested itself and came for me in the night, he'd be wearing a black suit and looking a helluva lot like anders...death would NOT look like Brad Pitt (referencing Meet Joe Black).

but that's just my opinion.

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