anders' law

by anders pearson Wed 11 Dec 2002 14:01:36

this has come up several times in past conversations but i thought it would be good to write it down for posterity.

All sports (with the exception of golf) can be improved with the addition of golf clubs.

think about it. how much cooler would soccer be if the players all had golf clubs that they could hit each other with? even backgammon could be made fun to watch.

golf is the real mindblower though. it's currently the only game that actually already has golf clubs and it's still boring. i think land mines would be the best way to make golf more interesting.

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or "beer"

no. no. no... horses, like in polo, and instead of little eensy-weensy balls, we use human heads again -- like in polo... In fact, why don't we just bring back extreme polo and have done with this whole golf business. Except we would have to renounce the land mines -- not fair to the horses.

Golf clubs actually wouldn't hold up too well to the rigors of most sports. Hockey sticks on the other hand, would do quite well.

i really don't understand why mens lacrosse isn't a more popularly watched sport. you're allowed to body check with a big metal stick for almost anything it seems.

Imagine Bowling with ultra-light graphite balls and titanium carbonite golf clubs. Now that is a sport. Sure you MAY not hit anybody, but it would be so awesome to see bowling balls get lobbed down the lane. HOLY FUCK that would be a cool sport!

PS Not to mention that the same equipment could be expanded into an awesome Dodge Ball game!

have you seen Rollerball? you can admit it. i did. i put it in the "so bad it's good" file of movies.

but the sport they play is pretty cool. you have to do a lap around the skate park on crack, jump a ramp, and then pelt the small hard ball into a small target. that plus, you have to avoid your vicious apponents, and be saavy to the plots of your mafioso owners who sell blood for ratings.

Are you talking about the recent remake or the original, James Caan version?

there's an original? (that explains the out of character plot twists.)

Yup...I never saw the remake...the original was good enough for me. Here's the IMDB info.

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