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natural flavor?

By emile 08 May 2001

so i read this story the other day, and found out that mcdonalds french fries contain beef product. i mean, what kind of sense does, that make? how is it to be deduced? mcdonald’s defence? they never claimed the fries didn’t contain beef fat. nice one… they never claimed the cheesburger didn’t contain human remains either, and i can’t wait till someone catches them on that one. they claim that the ingredients are clearly available to concerned vegetarians. are they? see for yourself. they sure are. but where is this beef fat? you probably guessed it, “natural flavor”, the mystery ingredient in every processed food we eat. i’d assumed the guidelines were a bit more strict, like “natural” referring to the product, and beef isn’t a natural thing in potatoes. so i look up “natural flavor” on the food and drug administration’s home page, its insection 101.22 (3). natural flavoring, they say? in other terms, just about all organic matter. great. everything at the grocery store may contain dead animal without telling the consumer. wonderful. i think that with the growing popularity of vegetarianism, that regulation might just have to be radified.

place holder

By emile 21 Mar 2001 angers me in an old testament sort of way. i’ll elaborate in the comments, to avoid clogging the main page.

post 75

By emile 17 Aug 2000

from ananova(she’s so hot), “The robot is equipped with a camera and sensors capable of tracking movement and heat. It is also armed with a pistol that can be programmed to shoot intruders or be controlled remotely via the web.”
read the story here. great, now the script kiddies can shoot people.

post 62

By emile 08 Aug 2000

back to the freenet thread, at&t takes a crack at supporting free speech online. it’s nice to see the big boys play fair once and a while. look into their safeguards to debunk the “tool for pirate deviance” angle, no search feature, and max file size of 100k. i think i like them for this, and that whole unix thing.

post 32

By emile 17 Jul 2000

that was a pretty thorough review. there are some stories from the conference at ZDnet located here, and probably as lot of other places, like this story on jello biafra’s keynote.
the volks were interesting enough, very international flavor, and spanning 10-year-old kids to 90-year-olds. broad spectrum.
one other thing was the lock picking seminar from two rather fast-fingered individuals. damned amazing. i must pick up a set or picks.

i was personally proud to have sucessfully driven into and out of NYC without incedent. except for that one damned parking ticket. and no one stole my dice tire caps.