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VoterGate, the Movie

By emile 05 Nov 2004

If you haven’t already watched this, do so. It’s a documentary on DieBold Voting machines and their horrific track record, refusal to be audited, and possible roll in rigging the 2004 presidential election.
RELATED LINKS:, the site for the documentary.
hotlink to the documentary on in case the above site goes (is taken) down, the group driving this action.
If you read any other link-blogs where this hasn’t been posted, pass it along. The group needs money for all the FOIA requests.

a call to arms

By emile 16 Jul 2004

From the Center for Democracy and Technology:

The Senate Commerce Committee may decide on Tuesday, July 20, whether to extend to VOIP and the Internet the FBI design mandates contained in a law called the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA). That law required traditional phone companies to meet certain design standards to allow phone calls to be wiretapped easily, but when it was passed in 1994 Congress recognized the unique architecture of the Internet and explicitly excluded the Internet from the scope of its surveillance design mandates. Congress should not extend CALEA to VOIP and the Internet -- it would be bad for innovation, cost, privacy and security. Everyone should tell their Senator that CALEA is a straightjacket, ill-suited to the Internet. While there may be legitimate law enforcement concerns with regard to wiretapping the Internet, they must be addressed in a way appropriate to the Internet. See for more information.

this should be thraxil's title

By emile 06 Mar 2004

random post

<p>by markov<br />

<p>martial arts and mental representations, translation, computers and a surprisingly entertaining website too.</p> 

markov zen.

By emile 28 Sep 2003

“random post

<p>by markov</p>

<p>suprised? (bad link).&#8221; </p> 

...i still miss someone...

By emile 13 Sep 2003

Johnny Cash is no longer a little bit country or a little bit rock ‘n roll. read an AP article about his passing here. the Man in Black lies In a Field of Stones. i just watched the video for his cover of “hurt”(alternate link here, romanek’s site is getting bombed) again and i’m all misty eyed.            “she walks these hills, in a long black veil. she visits my grave, when the night winds wail. no body knows, no body sees, no body knows but me. . .”     goodbye johnny ray.

question on text processing

By emile 02 May 2003

given two near identical text files without endline characters with a differing substring of an arbitrary length and position in the latter file, is there a tool operable on a unix platform to generate a “patch file”, meaning a new file denoting which substrings to delete from the original and what to add to generate the new file, and then to later take such a diff file and apply it to the original to regenerate the edit? diff does this on a line by line basis and merge can rejoin them but i need a tool that analyses a string without endlines.


By emile 20 Oct 2002

friday night i parked on the riverway in boston, between a “live parking” sign with an arrow pointing away from my car, and a ramp, which had plenty of clearance. i went out with my lady friend, and upon return, there was another car parked where mine had been. after a call or two, i discovered that i had been towed for parking in a live parking zone, which i wasnt. but as they already had my car, and wouldnt give it back without 95$ i was pretty much fucked. they also towed me to the opposite end of the tobin bridge, meaning i either forked out another 4$ in tolls, or chug through downtown traffic for an hour. how is this shit legal? oh thats right, boston is a fucking corrupt pile of human waste. i guess they werent happy enough robbing me on the tolls leveraged against the metrowest, but nope. 95$ carjacking courtesy of some nightstick straddling pig fucker tagging a bonus for quota. all of the sudden i remember why i hate cops. if there were any clean ones, i’d be a happy camper. but untill then its the simple fact that they carry guns to augment their lack of self esteem, and i am a pacifist. not much of a toss up. so now i get to work all weekend to try to catch my budget up to the bullshit carjacking of friday. and if anyone of you can explain to me how stealing someones car and refusing to give it back without a hundred bucks is anywhere short of justification for a distaste for fuckwit cops, id like to hear it. maybe ill go take some photos of the parking space and the sign that doesnt say its illegal. then i could either throw them away or send them to the city of boston, both having the same effect because no one gives a fuck.


By emile 24 Jul 2002

i am 23 today. i am no where near where i thought i would be when i did a 5 year projection at the tender age of 18. things have taken a strange course.

toast with buddha

By emile 20 Apr 2002

i just went to the buddhist meditation center in barre, ma. there was a silence observation in place so i couldn’t actually talk to anyone. nice peaceful place though. reminded me of northern maine:no one to talk to, nothing to distract you, lots of nature, men in orange robes… i thought there would be an actual temple there, since that’s where “the next karate kid” supposedly took place. no dice… my search continues.