By jere 10 Dec 2001

I haven’t been here in a while because a) I couldn’t find a text box to post a comment and b) the setup at the moment has text overlying text and I couldn’t discern one article from another.

<p>Anyway, before anything gets screwed-up-er, I want to extend the invitation for the annual New Year bash&#8230;.  in Norfolk, MA again this year.  I hope to see you!!! : )  (Are smiley faces OK in computer-ese, anders? &#8212; I am ashamed to admit that I&#8217;m one of those TAs you hate, putting smiley faces on student papers &#8212; my excuse was that it was attempt to &#8220;lower the affective filter&#8221; &#8212; always important in foreign language classes! : ) )</p>