directions to jere's

By jere 27 Dec 2001

for those of you who don’t quite remember:

<p>***by train: from South Station in Boston, take the Franklin/Forge Park line (sometimes also they tack I-495 into the name).  Norfolk is the third from the last stop (yeah, yeah, trying to count from the end is harder than from the beginning, but there I can&#8217;t help you because I&#8217;ve always got my nose buried in a book and they don&#8217;t always stop at all the stations).</p>

<p>***by car: **from 495-South. Exit 17, left at the exit ramp light. Counting immediately from that light, go through the next 3 lights and turn left at the 4th (Beaver St.). Continue straight at all intersections, until you come to a bunch of Y-intersections and you <strong>have</strong> to make a turning decision &#8212; left.  Continue straight on this road, which brings you into Norfolk at a 4-way stop (Town Common, church, gas station). Keep going straight about the length of a football field, I am in the apartment at the far (east) end of the white house across the street from the police/fire station.</p>

<p>**from I-95-North: exit 7B (Route 140/Foxboro), Right at the exit ramp, this is 140. Stay on 140 through Foxboro center (there&#8217;s a wonderful rotary in store for you), until about three miles outside of town, turn right onto Route 115 (after you pass under a train trestle). Stay on Route 115 until you get to the 4-way stop at Norfolk center (Town Common, left; Church, right). Turn right, and I&#8217;m in the&#8230; across from police/fire station (see above).</p>

<p>**from 95-South: take Route 1 South exit (don&#8217;t remember the #).  Continue on Route 1 until you get just past the Stadium. TAke a right where, I believe, the sign says Route 115, or maybe Pine St., but at any rate &#8220;Norfolk&#8221; (you just passed the Endzone Motel, and the Lafayette House restaurant is one your right).  This is a little access road that leads you to Route 115. Take a right. Continue along as above (95-South).</p>

<p>Did I forget anything?  Well, planes, I guess: get from Logan Airport to South Station &#8212; shuttle bus to blue line, transfer to red line at Downtown Crossing, going toward Ashmont or Braintree; it&#8217;ll be the next stop.</p>

<p>If you&#8217;re on foot, or in a hot-air balloon, or on horseback, you&#8217;re looking for adventure and can figure it out from the above directions yourself.</p>


<p>I look forward to seeing you!!! Could you give me some idea of when you might be arriving, so I&#8217;ll have enough food?<cite>?  Any requests</cite></p>

<p>Love, mwaa-ha-ha</p>