by jere Mon 02 Feb 2004 23:17:56

Does anyone have pics from New Year’s? My desktop is still recycling through last year’s. Also: Nigel, your camera, etc. is here. If you give me an address, I’ll pack it up and send it to you. Tasha, we found your hat. Give me a street address and I’ll send it back to you. : )

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well, i only remembered that i had my camera with me as people were walking out the door. so i grabbed a couple quick shots but didn't have time to figure out lighting stuff at all, so they aren't very good. the january gallery also includes some bonus blurry shots of Henry Rollins and a nice shot out my office window.

i will scan the negatives (aren't i antiquated?) later tonight if i get a chance.

click here. i scanned in nine photographs, and skipped two that weren't really anything special. i can hand print these for a very small fee if anyone is interested. there would be less dust since i dont have negative cleaner in my room.

those are really nice pics. I don't remember the camera...

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