it's been a while

by jerfunfin Thu 17 Jan 2002 21:23:55

Which I guess is a good thing since I have been kind of busy between work, side projects and socializing.
Dating has been interesting lately since it involves friends making that leap of faith beyond the boundry.
I am still shell shocked from my last long term thing, so maybe I am just alittle wierded out on multiple
levels. I guess I’ll take it slow and keep my options open.

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oh my. is there office gossip that i'm not up on?

Not yet. But I heard through my sources that our tall, blonde friend Charlotte is having man troubles.

you may want to be careful about actually naming names here. considering that this site is open to the general public and that the url is in my email sig, there may be other people from the office who read thraxil. just something to keep in mind.

(uugghh... the threading of replys.)

Point well taken. I guess there are some things that I wouldn't be afraid to let out of the bag.
But gossip is gossip and I personally feel that it should be heard in a whisper and not read aloud.

Thanks for the tip.

The word henceforth... Mumm.

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