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By jerfunfin 28 Feb 2003

This morning I experienced the game of squash for the first time. It sort of feels like being locked in a 25’ square, un-padded cell with another player desperately swatting a large insect that refuses to die. Did I mention the lack of padding in this box? My heart rate was raised within 5 minutes of play.

While I didn’t get my ass kicked, I did lose all of the 5 matches I played. It was fantastic! I feel an addiction coming on. Squash anyone??

Madame X SURPRISE!!!

By jerfunfin 25 Apr 2002

Yes, indeed it was a fun filled eve last friday at madame x. I started with two chocolate Martinis (yum!!) and then moved on to citrus infused vodkas and other concoctions server martini glass style. The cake (thank you Stephanie!!) was a dark chocolate cake with dark chocolate icing on the inside surrounded by a 1/4” layer of solid white chocolate as frosting.

<p>Friends gallore; good times were grabbed, squeezed, and wrestled to the ground for a three count. This created my only problem&#8230; waking up for a wedding the next morning.</p> 


By jerfunfin 03 Feb 2002

After watching the new NIN live DVD and then The Third Man with Orson Wells and Joseph Cotten,
I went to the Underground with Anders. The place has changed dramatically from a year ago. It used
to be a jazz/coffee bar type of place. Now it is quite the lounge, including multi-colored lighting
(yes, they have black lights), Lava lamps, retro wall coverings, pool table and a back room for
live performances. I liked it alot. And being is it is only a block away….

<p>That wont stop my village going at all. I will just be going Underground when I am hanging in my hood<br />

instead of The Abbey or Dive.</p>

<p>And I still need to find out what happened to <span class="caps">WHAT</span>!</p> 

Return of Fly Killer

By jerfunfin 26 Jan 2002

Most here may remember the story of my marksmanship with a rubberband, resulting in fly innards being scattered across Anders keyboard. (By the way, his home row still reads A N D E R S J K L ;’)

<p>With spring approaching, and insects waking from their winter respite, I recently purchased two high powered <a href="">slingshots</a>.  </p>

<p>I am anxious for the first fly to cross my path, or pigeon (aka Rat w/ wings) for that matter.</p>

<p>Why grow up when the toys keep getting better and better!</p> 

it's been a while

By jerfunfin 17 Jan 2002

Which I guess is a good thing since I have been kind of busy between work, side projects and socializing.
Dating has been interesting lately since it involves friends making that leap of faith beyond the boundry.
I am still shell shocked from my last long term thing, so maybe I am just alittle wierded out on multiple
levels. I guess I’ll take it slow and keep my options open.

aesthetic hell

By jerfunfin 02 Dec 2001

Spent the past two full days writing my final paper for an aesthetics class. It was surprisingly enjoyable, although there are other things that I would rather be doing with my spare time. Each evening afterwards I can be found milking a beer at the what bar. It is my favorite way to decompress of late.

<p>Damn, now I&#8217;m thirsty.</p> 

camera check

By jerfunfin 29 Nov 2001

a co-worker just found a test tape from a video shoot we did last year. I am the subject in front of the camera (what a goofball). It’s a short clip of me with the Prof. we were to interview in the backround. I am lacking the goatee and peachfuzz I now don.

<p><a href="">Enjoy!</a></p> 

movie night on Amsterdam Avenue

By jerfunfin 25 Nov 2001

Just spent the last hours of my Saturday night watching Aliens at Anders flat. Great company and a great film. (oh, and the wall, urr..ahh…screen is awesome!) I love watching movies on huge screens and you can’t get much bigger than 8’ in a NYC apartment. Thanks again, bro. It was fantastic.

Infestation averted

By jerfunfin 16 Nov 2001

I have been waiting for about a month now for my landlord to have a replacement gas range delivered to my flat. The thermostat was busted and the oven just kept climbing = Major Fire Hazard. I wasn’t going to pay for a replacement out of my own pocket but I may just do that after this evenings events.

<p><br />

<p>I came home from the office at around 8:30 with some Thai take out. About half way through my meal, my landlord knocks on my door and tells me that the delivery guys are here. I didn&#8217;t think delivery guys worked after 5pm but, hey, what the hell. <br />

<p>So these two guys take away the old unit and bring in a &#8220;refurbished&#8221; unit. I guess the landlord wants to save a few sheckles. This is fair enough as long as the thing functions correctly, right? <span class="caps">BIG</span> <span class="caps">THUMBS</span> <span class="caps">DOWN</span> ON <span class="caps">THAT</span> <span class="caps">IDEA</span>.</p>

<p><br />

Approximately ten minutes after the delivery guys disappear into the night, the biggest roach motel I have ever seen in a kitchen kicks into high gear. I must have killed a dozen of these critters of varying sizes in a five-minute battle.<br />

<p>So, with bug spray in one hand and the phone in the other, I called my landlord down from her apartment (thank god she lives in the building) She apologies profusely while killing a few of the evil buggers herself. I call Anders for a hand but he&#8217;s in East Harlem checking out a friend?s new pad (lucky him). So, I get one of my neighbors to help me carry the aluminum bughouse out to the curb. I now have lines of Boric acid and roach traps where a stove used to be.<br />

<p>There is a one very positive side to this story, though. I <span class="caps">WAS</span> home at the time of delivery. Can you imagine what the situation would be in my flat if the stove were delivered at, say, 4:00pm? My kitchen&#8230; no, my entire flat would have been invaded by these unwelcome guests! In <span class="caps">NYC</span> during especially during the winter, roaches are impossible to conquer. My fingers and toes are crossed. I pray one of those mini monsters didn&#8217;t move in during their brief stay. It only takes one pregnant cucaracha to create an army! And on that note, I am pretty sure that roaches mate once and then are pregnant for life. Ouch! </p>



By jerfunfin 13 Nov 2001

Been wearing two shirts lately, since my colleague gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. I find it strange how overseeing others work is less of a power trip and more an exercise in Mentoring. It puts me on edge sometimes (more often during slow periods) to have them looking up to me for advise, tasks, and recognition. But being on edge is better than going flat, again especially during slow periods. It’s almost like the people under me keep me on my toes by making me keep them on their toes. What a funky Catch-22 that is!