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lost smell

By kamden 10 Oct 2003

Well, typically I have found myself in an unlikely situation. After a mishap in orgo. lab yesterday, involving heavy doses of smoking napthalene, I have now lost my sense of smell. Totally. Pizza tastes like wet cardboard with a hint of mothball. I think that crap recrystallized deep in my nasal cavity. Losing sense bites. I really hope it comes back. Tell Harvard to get better hoods.

Thraxil Feature Idea

By kamden 22 Nov 2001

I think it might be neat if thraxil was able to accept asian language imput. I know this may seem irrelevant and picky, but my brain has a hard time communicating without characters anymore. Thoughts?

Get out of jail free

By kamden 07 Nov 2001

So this evening I spent some time rubbing elbows with Jerome Cohen, NYU Law Prof., and the U.S.‘s foremost expert on Chinese criminal justice law. Much to his ammusement, I told him of Anders’ and my exploits in 1997. He told me to watch it regardless, but if I ever got into trouble again, to contact him so that I don’t rot away in labor camp. I mean, this is the guy who busted out Gao Zhan and is working on the Liu Yaping case. Essentially, if one gets into any “Mafan” ranging from inapropriate weapons posession to the leakage of national secrets, homeboy will deliver. (Bonus: he is old, takes some cases pro bono, and has major guanxi in sichuan.) I think i’ll go moon the polit-bureau tomorrow.


By kamden 07 Nov 2001

Why is it that Chinese profs. can always explain anything away in semantics. That treaty was made with China not the Republic of China govt. so it is still valid. Well there is a whole hell of a lot of international precedent to say that it isnt. Grrr I learn. But don’t knoe what to think. You know one of these days I am gonna blow out at one of these dudes and tell them that their entire history is a sham. Then they won’t know what hit them. In the meantim I will just stay satisfied eating noodles and fat. Nootch