by kamden Wed 07 Nov 2001 01:37:11

Why is it that Chinese profs. can always explain anything away in semantics. That treaty was made with China not the Republic of China govt. so it is still valid. Well there is a whole hell of a lot of international precedent to say that it isnt. Grrr I learn. But don’t knoe what to think. You know one of these days I am gonna blow out at one of these dudes and tell them that their entire history is a sham. Then they won’t know what hit them. In the meantim I will just stay satisfied eating noodles and fat. Nootch

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hey kam, it's andy. zenmeyang and all that. i'm planning on studying wushu at bei da next fall, and i'm looking for places to take the hsk. when/where/how did you take it and how did you find out where test sites are and whatnot?

hoping you'll get this, as i don't know how else to contact you. zai jian, homey.

oh yeah, my email is, if you want to get in direct touch with me.

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