Am I paranoid?

By Mark Boudreau 06 Dec 2001

Am I paranoid or is Big Brother becoming more and more of a reality every day? Between the secret searches, monitoring of every communication, installation of face-cams, secret tribunals, phone tracking gps, national id cards, national databases, and all the other things Congress is thinking up (not to mention the similar steps being taken by England, Canada and others), the world is becoming almost Kafkaesque.

<p>Who knows. This post could be a crime now. I&#8217;m criticizing the government, does that make me un-American? I&#8217;m worried about our collective future, does that make me an enemy of the state? Maybe I&#8217;m just reading too much of <a href="">Declan McCullagh&#8217;s writings</a>. I feel powerless. I feel like the governments can do whatever they want, and even if we catch them, it seems like it won&#8217;t matter. They&#8217;ll just use some pathetic patriotic drivel, and the heroes that caught the misdeeds will be demonized as wacko civil libertarians.</p>

<p>Sorry for ranting. I&#8217;m just frustrated. It makes me say &#8220;Grrr.&#8221;</p>

<p>Added Note: <a href="">Ashcroft decided to answer some of my questions.</a></p> 

Tags: civil liberties paranoia