Goonies never say die!

By Mark Boudreau 16 Dec 2001

Dan, John and Nick visited this weekend. If you don’t know who I’m talking about, you probably did not go to Bates College and/or in all likelyhood you didn’t know me either while I was at Bates. I took a couple of pictures:

<p><a href="">Here&#8217;s one.</a> Yeah, my neck didn&#8217;t seem to hold my head up in this one.</p>

<p><a href="">Here&#8217;s a neat shot of the guys last night.</a></p>

<p>We had a ton of fun this weekend. We saw <a href="">Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust</a> last night. The animation was quite good and the dialog wasn&#8217;t bad either. If you liked the 1985 edition of Vampire Hunter D, you&#8217;ll like this one as well. New story, same lead character, and some wonderful fight scenes.</p>

<p>I now need a weekend to recover from my weekend though. But it&#8217;s all good.</p> 

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