Trials and tribulations

By Mark Boudreau 16 Apr 2002

Try this day on for size:

<p>1) Started the day designing a stupid announcement page for my organization. I was given one set of directives from one person. His boss gave me a whole different set of directives after I had created a design. Grr. The resulting design by committee is one of the ugliest things I&#8217;ve ever produced.</p>

<p>2) Was heckled by a homeless guy who informed me that I can&#8217;t help being a racist (?!?!?!), that it&#8217;s in my blood. He needs to get my label straight. I&#8217;m an elitist, capitalist. Sheesh.</p>

<p>4) Tried installing <span class="caps">SGL</span> again. The machine hangs while trying to run Lilo. Ugh. When does the next Red Hat come out? <strong>dejected sigh</strong></p>

<p>3) Tomorrow I get to continue with #1</p>