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By quiet 26 Jun 2002

<p>Now, they&#8217;ve done this several times before, usually on April Fools, and people are slowly starting to wise up.  What do you think the chances are that they delayed their prank this year?  I&#8217;m gonna feel really bad if this turns out to be true, but I can&#8217;t really believe it.</p> 


By quiet 19 Jun 2002

Root exploit in apache. New version came out this morning that’s not vulnerable.


By quiet 21 Nov 2001

If anyone knows stuff about ssl, could they look me up on icq. my work icq is 138091519. Damn icq UIN’s are getting long now.


By quiet 12 Nov 2001

Well, I hope everyone in NY is ok again. And I really hope this was just an accident, not that it makes it any better.


By quiet 10 Nov 2001

So I just got hired as a RedHat sysadmin. Not sure how I feel about this, except pretty terrified. I’m not really qualified for the position, I just hope I can get qualified before the shit hits the fan. Hard to believe that on Monday I was working a phone survey job for 7 an hour, and on Friday I was finishing up my second day at ZedX. I guess we’ll see how it turns out. They’re enrolling me in a class at a business school for RedHat administration. The cool part about that is: 1. it’s free and 2. the business school is about a 2 minute walk from my apartment.

wolf blood

By quiet 23 Oct 2001

Going to further prove that those of us from Maine are just different.

<p>&#8220;In July, in Lewiston, Maine, a 17-year-old boy, who had been arrested earlier in the evening for assault at a convenience store, escaped briefly by chewing through the the metal chain of his handcuffs.&#8221;<br />

From News of the Weird.</p>

help me

By quiet 28 Sep 2001

Take a look at this weeks Onion. It’s a full spread on the attack. I don’t know whether to laugh, cry, or be angry. What do you think?


By quiet 05 Sep 2001

In the newest Rolling Stone I was reading an article about how the CD companies are investing a lot into non-pirateable CD’s. They never specified exactly what they were researching, but I’m assuming it’s probably the watermarking they’re talking about, which will take about a week for someone to come up with some software that goes through it like a hot knife through butter. Anyway, one of the execs. at BMG made a statement that pisses me off more than any other quote I’ve heard from a record exec. “If people love music, they should stop doing this. Music CAN’T be free.” I think he missed the point somewhere.