GeekCon 2001

By quiet 07 Aug 2001

So I went to GenCon for a day this Saturday. For those of you who don’t know what it is, GenCon is a massive 4 day convention for geeks of all kinds who like sci-fi/fantasy.

<p>This was my first GenCon, and I&#8217;d have to say that it is an utter success for 2 reasons:</p>

<p>1.  I attended with 12 friends from college whom I haven&#8217;t seen in a long time.</p>

<p>2.  I&#8217;m an utter cynic when it comes to things like this.  Gencon can be a ton of fun if you don&#8217;t take it seriously.</p>

<p>Things of interest that I saw:  <br />

guy in well done Predator costume<br />

more Stormtroopers than the Imperial Navy<br />

girl dressed up like Rimmer<br />

lots of chainmail bikinis on models<br />

chainmail dress with large woven links worn by a woman with nothing else on<br />

WotC getting shit on and beaten by the smaller gaming companies<br />

making of footage of Episode 2</p>

<p>The guy that did the presentation for Episode 2 was an utter dick.  Lucas studios has totally bought into their own hype.  On the plus side, we&#8217;re gonna get to see Yoda kick some ass, and Samuel L. Jackson&#8217;s gonna use a lightsaber.</p>

<p>Afterwords I went to the White Wolf party where Justin Achilli, the Vampire developer, was spinning up a storm, and danced the night away.</p>