wolf blood

by quiet Tue 23 Oct 2001 16:29:53

Going to further prove that those of us from Maine are just different.

<p>&#8220;In July, in Lewiston, Maine, a 17-year-old boy, who had been arrested earlier in the evening for assault at a convenience store, escaped briefly by chewing through the the metal chain of his handcuffs.&#8221;<br />

From News of the Weird.


Fuck yeah!! I would kill to have that guy as a friend. mmmm. :)

Why? All tied up Kurtis?

Hmm ... well actually I never thought about that ... hmm. No I wasn't really thinking along those lines (I generally don't think along any lines), I just would like to know someone who could chew through steel chains, I bet they would be pretty awesome and on my level. :)

I bet Matt Belisle could chew through steel.

Yeah I need to 'randomly' run into Mr. Belise and then the two of us can have it out. I can't allow anyone out there in this world to be more savage than me. There can be only one. (ME).

mmmm ... tonight Peter Steele is going to be singing like the God of Darkness and I am going to fucking love it. Sex with werewolves is good, murder is good, feral desire is good. mmmmm. Fuck yeah!!

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