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<p>Now, they&#8217;ve done this several times before, usually on April Fools, and people are slowly starting to wise up.  What do you think the chances are that they delayed their prank this year?  I&#8217;m gonna feel really bad if this turns out to be true, but I can&#8217;t really believe it.</p>
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Grr. Fucked up the last post, here's the link.

honestly, if the media companies aren't already putting out decoy files, they're stupid. of course, i don't think decoys alone would really work for them. people would tend to delete a decoy so the number that show up will never grow much past the N copies that they put up on their own computers. the resources of even a large record company are pretty small compared to the sum of the rest of the morpheus/kazaa/gnutella users so it'll only be a drop in the bucket. a smarter tactic might be for them to produce decoys that are just slightly screwed up. maybe a couple weird hiccups or a low bitrate. if they're good enough that many people will deal with the low quality semi-decoys rather than put the effort into finding a better copy, they could actually get a fair number of them on the networks. over time, this could maybe work to lower peoples' opinions of the quality of content available on p2p networks. if the average user starts saying, 'gee, kazaa's easy to use but almost everything on it is kind of crappy', maybe they'd go back to buying CDs.

if they go all out with the decoys, the next versions of the p2p apps will include ways around it like md5sums on files (so websites could publish lists of the correct md5s for files ripped at a given bitrate from the CD, etc), networks of trust or ways of identifying and cutting off the machines that are injecting the decoys.

the idea of legalizing more aggressive attacks against p2p users is just ludicrous. it has no precedent anywhere offline. if someone steals your TV, you have no legal right to burn their house down or even to harass their family; all you can do is report them and let the authorities handle it. of course, it never ceases to amaze me what kinds of stupid laws can get passed when enough money is involved.

ps: you can edit your posts.

i'm not seeing anything about a dead maynard. i see a "music industry" connection, but nothing about tool, or pranks. wrong article?

Heh, should have figured that out.

This actually wasn't the article that was originally posted to that address. Makes me wish I had saved it.

The original was titled "Tool singer crushed to death in studio". It was about Maynard getting crushed by a collapsing ceiling while recording APC's next album "right in front of Billy Howerdale's (spelling?) eyes". They must have pulled it when they found out they go hoodwinked. It was done up like an official article. Weird.

I'm not terribly worried about decoy songs, as they'll get filtered quickly. I'm more worried about loose wording of the bill that could allow companies some seriously fucked up rights. "Nick and his office workers were quoting funny lines from our latest movie "Big Suck Summer Blockbuster 9" without our express permission, so we authorized our security forces to blow the fuckers away."

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