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By quiet 25 May 2001

So I’m driving home from a job interview on Thursday ( and sure enough, I see the orange cones and rode signs that predict driving 5 miles an hour on the highway. Creeping along at automatic coasting speed, not touching the gas peddle at all, all of the cars are of course herded into single lane driving. A few crazy drivers are driving on the rumble strip at the far left of the road because they can’t relax and slow down, almost causing a couple of accidents. After 20 mins. of this, ahead I can see what appears to be the major bottlenect of the “construction” that’s slowing everyone down. Instead of broken concrete, I see 2 guys in orange vests handing people in cars little slips of paper. I grabbed mine and sped off, slowing a little to look at it. A fucking survey assesing highway safety in Pennsylvania. They were doing NO WORK on the road at all. Does it really make sense to create a major traffic hazard in order to asses highway safety? I hate idiots. (not the guys passing out the survey, they were just doing their jobs)