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By trevor 15 Dec 2001

ferns grass

<p>hide a hide</p>

<p>box tur tle</p>

<p>or snake in</p>

<p>User wishes for fixed width.  User never stops learning about life.  User thinks in the close-your-eyes game that it&#8217;s not fun to play with someone who interprets the rules funny.  User doesn&#8217;t presume that he/she interprets the rules funny, but user is growing less fun all the time, whatever&#8217;s causing it.</p> 

These are the voyages..

By trevor 26 Sep 2001

They went and boldly made another Star Trek series, staring Scott Bakula. We’re not up to 1071 posts on the THRAXIL, but that’s partly my fault. If any of you are not watching the pilot right now, know that you’re missing it. If you’re a nerd, hang your head in shame – I know I am. A friend had a good idea of making a drinking game to go with the pilot. A Quantum Leap reference in particular would require a substantial amount of drinking.