post 149

By Matthias Dittgen 20 Oct 2000

Today something exciting happened here, too!
Construction workers have found a bottle with a whole litre of nitroglycerine, and we had to leave our lab. Not that bad, because we have a longer weekend this way :-), but the question is: Why was there nitroglycerine between the walls? And why was there no Explosion till now, because who knows how long it had been there.
Why wasn’t there anyone, who had missed it? And where came it from? And what will happen with it now?
Firefighters closed all the doors next to the building, and now they want to bond it. Don’t ask me to what…
To silica gel? And then they have some kilogramms of dynamite?
I guess it is somewhat dangerous, anyhow.

I went home for the weekend, and I am curious about, if the lab will be still there or if it had come worst.