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the kid in everyone...

By Matthias Dittgen 16 Nov 2001

…leads to that point when we have to test everything that is new to us. Smell it, Taste it, Touch it, Play with it, Break it…

<p>What I just tried to say is, that I am only curious if this diary feature of thraxil works for me, too.</p> 

logo for thraxil

By Matthias Dittgen 08 Oct 2001

After Anders has , beside the sketches, no graphics at thraxil, how about to develop a logo/symbol/icon/banner for thraxil? This idea came suddenly to my mind, and I just wanted to share the idea. Perhaps we should make a kind of contest, but I have no idea what the winner gets. ;-)

Symbols are often something people can identify with. A good symbol and the easy-to-remember name “thraxil” together could bring this website a step further to it’s “secret” goal of cooperate world domination…

even more windows are flying by...

By Matthias Dittgen 14 Feb 2001

So if you have been a beta tester for MacOS, would you do beta testing for M$ windows xp? Probably I am late, but I just recognized that there is another windows version to come…
“built on the enhanced Windows 2000 engine”….I guess they have a lot to enhance :) and why don’t they enhance the former versions right? Windows98 becomes pretty usuable with the time, not that stable of course….so they only should make it more stable.
But I don’t really want to heat an operating systems discussion here! I just wanted to add that it was not possible to register for the preview programm with ie5.5….I had to use mozilla, that’s cruel!

really online

By Matthias Dittgen 10 Feb 2001

I am really happy! :-) My parents got now a DSL line with a flatrate combined, which makes it possible to be online without thinking of money…. Lucky me!!! Now I can enjoy the internet at home! At university, of course, it was possible to me before, but I don’t like those computer pools where people look over your shoulders…
Now I’ll get into things like ICQ (perhaps) and can download sources for my linux whenever I need, no longer running around with those ZIPdisks to catch things I wrote on a list.
But, poor me, napster doesn’t work, don’t know why…
So a question to our community here: Is the internet important to you? Why? Why not? What do you like, dislike? Can you imagine to live without the internet?
Curious to read your answers!!!!

post 149

By Matthias Dittgen 20 Oct 2000

Today something exciting happened here, too!
Construction workers have found a bottle with a whole litre of nitroglycerine, and we had to leave our lab. Not that bad, because we have a longer weekend this way :-), but the question is: Why was there nitroglycerine between the walls? And why was there no Explosion till now, because who knows how long it had been there.
Why wasn’t there anyone, who had missed it? And where came it from? And what will happen with it now?
Firefighters closed all the doors next to the building, and now they want to bond it. Don’t ask me to what…
To silica gel? And then they have some kilogramms of dynamite?
I guess it is somewhat dangerous, anyhow.

I went home for the weekend, and I am curious about, if the lab will be still there or if it had come worst.