really online

By Matthias Dittgen 10 Feb 2001

I am really happy! :-) My parents got now a DSL line with a flatrate combined, which makes it possible to be online without thinking of money…. Lucky me!!! Now I can enjoy the internet at home! At university, of course, it was possible to me before, but I don’t like those computer pools where people look over your shoulders…
Now I’ll get into things like ICQ (perhaps) and can download sources for my linux whenever I need, no longer running around with those ZIPdisks to catch things I wrote on a list.
But, poor me, napster doesn’t work, don’t know why…
So a question to our community here: Is the internet important to you? Why? Why not? What do you like, dislike? Can you imagine to live without the internet?
Curious to read your answers!!!!