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by Matthias Dittgen Sat 10 Feb 2001 08:44:06

I am really happy! :-) My parents got now a DSL line with a flatrate combined, which makes it possible to be online without thinking of money…. Lucky me!!! Now I can enjoy the internet at home! At university, of course, it was possible to me before, but I don’t like those computer pools where people look over your shoulders…
Now I’ll get into things like ICQ (perhaps) and can download sources for my linux whenever I need, no longer running around with those ZIPdisks to catch things I wrote on a list.
But, poor me, napster doesn’t work, don’t know why…
So a question to our community here: Is the internet important to you? Why? Why not? What do you like, dislike? Can you imagine to live without the internet?
Curious to read your answers!!!!


maybe i'll put in clocks if i get bored someday. although i'd probably be more inclined to just put in a clock using swatch's "internet time" thing. i always liked the idea of that. one time zone for the whole world. and in decimal to boot.

obviously, the internet is very important to me. however, i can certainly imagine life without it (that was only a couple years ago really). we should also keep in mind that it's only a tiny portion of the world that is currently online.

hi anders! What do you think of adding "some" clocks to /dev/random? I think of three clocks....showing the time of NY, Berlin, Tokyo.... It's only an idea!

when you say "internet", do you mean "just" the internet, or all the communications things that the internet is part of, e.g. e-mail? (and what else were you thinking of, anders, when you said this is only a "tiny" -- how the hsll do you do italics and neat stuff with type??? :-/ "portion of the world that is online") for myself, i would not willingly go without at least e-mail capability, and something like this board is important to me, too. Of course one can imagine life "without the internet", the question is: what is the quality of life without the internet?
perhaps, just playing devil's advocate here for a moment, perhaps it would be healthier for us to have to (slow down and)send and receive snail-mail? telephone conversations? face-to-face encounters? there is surely a lot of "trivia" that gets batted about, and wastes of server space.
how is "internet" time reckoned? on the prime meridian (which is the take-off point for astronomical "universal" time, isn't it?)?

Hi! :-)

by "tiny" i mean only about 300 million out of 6 billion people have internet access (that's about 5% of the world). not coincidentily, that happens to be the richest 5% in the most developed countries. even when i was in china in 1999, it was difficult to find internet cafe's except in the larger cities.

you do italics and such with html: <em>italic/emphasized</em>, <strong>bold/strong</strong>, etc.

i think swatch uses the location of their headquarters in switzerland for the basis of their "internet time" thing but the point is that it doesn't really matter since it's all arbitrary anyway.

I thought of email and/or newsgroups, too! And of telnet, ssh, ftp, ...
Where I live, a smaller city in germany with about 27.000 citizens, there is an internet cafe, but it only offers WWW! That's bad for me, because I can't reach my university mail account that easily through http!
So email is much important to me, too!!!
And about /dev/random....I like it! I like to stay in touch with all of you...Of course I don't know you irl, but I like to share/read your thoughts!

And another fact: the money! "Of course" we have to pay for our dsl connection, but I don't want to know what it would take when I call anders via telephone! And 2nd: I wouldn't have! But "this" way I do...

my english didn't become better with our communication :)

matthias, (yes?). . .as for the English not being better for the communication, i can relate -- my german gets definitely worse the harder i try. i will make the stupidest mistakes in the heat of the moment.

anders: how do I get the computer to know I want to write in html? (does that ever make me feel dumb. . .and dumber) is there a button somewhere i pug (pronounce "poog", neologism of ours dating back to the dawn of personal computers) that says, "speaking html"? :-}

when you enter a comment on here, it basically assumes that you are entering html already (although it automatically figures out line/paragraph breaks). you just type those tags in with the angle brackets around them.

yes! it's me! it's Matthias! :-)
And I know what you mean! There are really hot discussion here about life, evolution, even genetics.... and I would add things that grow up in my mind while reading, but when it comes to write them down here....I fail to find the right words...
c'est la vie

and one can use here...

 stupid me!
I wanted to say that one can use <TAGS> here...

Go right ahead and post in German... I know enough of the language to be dangerous, and those who don't can use Babelfish to get a poetic interpretation. I'd like to see what scientific thoughts look like in another language. =]

Ich bin ein auslander ... uhh ...
Du haust mich ...
uh ...
Parlez-vous francais??

sorry I'm a dumb fuck american and consider my language THE language cause .. I'm a typical arrogant American who thinks America is everything that matters (and therefore american lifestyle is everything that matters) And we have 150 million Indians dying of famine and disease and 200 million Africans dying of Aids and disease and only 300 million Fat americans dying of ... uh ... depression? Yeah sure kid ... blow your head off cause your life sucks ... you have a better life 5.5 billion people on the planet ... your life can't be that bad ... but 'oh my god you're so confused and it's hard to be a teenager in a school where people might beat you up' ... oh fucking go home and die already ...

It's hard growing up in a country where a tiger might eat you or you might die cause the water your drinking has been pissed and shit in by all 10 million of your neighbors or the government might shoot you because they want to. Fucking americans ... spoiled fucks ... sigh.

lol ... but back to the original topic ... lol. Sorry I don't know German :)

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