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post 80

By Matthias Dittgen 23 Aug 2000

It has to come like this. Caldera/SCO building a system that is not linux, but runs linux apps, and this almost better than linux itself?!

post 30

By Matthias Dittgen 15 Jul 2000

what jobs can be done without a computer?
if hackers are not allowed to use a computer
anymore, is that okay?
mitnick is allowed to write again – without computer – but about computer…

could be interesting!

post 27

By Matthias Dittgen 14 Jul 2000

Ever thought of the people who pay for the internet?
In germany there are now “flatrates” in discussion.
You have to calculate how long you are online, and then
you can compare what you would pay for with an
internet-by-call offer….
Hard to imagine?
But that is reality. You pay not for the information, no no!
You pay for having the chance of getting informations.
Of course, at university, there are public computer-pools…
I am really unhappy with this situation, and especially today.
I had to try several times to dial-in, and only to notice,
that university subnet (my computer inclusive) is down, and
I can’t receive any emails.
This is not acceptable! And I can’t find any reason for it.

post 12

By Matthias Dittgen 05 Jul 2000

Is it possible, and is it allowed to earn money
by sharing my computer “power” with someone else?
And do you believe, they will pay for?

The ProcessTree Network was created to bring two
groups together: those who have huge computing jobs
to do; and millions of folks like you and me whose
computers just sit idle much of the time.”