By anders pearson 15 Nov 2001

i’ve been busier than i thought lately with non-thraxil stuff so i haven’t been fixing things as quickly as i’d hoped. but, here are the changes i’ve been making:

  • users page now uses colour coding to indicate frontpage posting authorization and lists the total number of posts each user has contributed (includes comments)
  • a list of all keywords is now available.
  • ordering of comments has changed a little. threads with the newest post are at the top. i think this is more consistent with how they used to be while still allowing for threading.
  • fixed a small issue with diaries and comments. eg, if you look at a comment posted by sarah to mark’s diary, you’ll notice that it uses the stylesheet for sarah’s diary and links back to her diary rather than mark’s. other diaries are like this too. it’s a problem in the old version of the default diary templates. if you change the <tmpl_var name=“author”> tags to <tmpl_var name=“diary_author”> in the appropriate places, it will work correctly. i’m still working on throwing together some good documentation on the template system.
<p>i&#8217;ll post any other updates i make as comments attached to this post.</p> 

Tags: meta