premature optimization

By anders pearson 09 Jan 2002

the root of all evil? or lots of fun?

<p>in an effort to speed up thraxil, it now caches most of the data in static files and updates them only when it has to. so no more 50+ database hits everytime someone loads the main page. </p>

<p>i can&#8217;t really see an appreciable difference from here (postgres is so damn fast that hitting it 50 times in a row isn&#8217;t that inefficient. the main bottleneck now is probably just in the time it takes to establish a connection, fork apache and load the perl interpreter.) but in theory it should now be much more robust in the face of a heavy load (like 500 people hitting the site all at once) and even allows thraxil to maintain limited (read-only) functionality if the database gets shut down.</p>

<p>still on my todo list are a decent interface to the archives and the return of markov. once i get those taken care of, i&#8217;ll open the source code up for everyone to pick through and start writing some alternate themes.</p> 

Tags: meta