ozzy + sharon

By anders pearson 13 Mar 2002

as much as i like to slag on the big media conglomerates like aol/time/warner, i have to hand it to mtv: the osbournes is one of the funniest shows on tv. i really watch very little tv, so that’s probably not saying much coming from me.

<p>omar and allison (my roommates from the summer) came over tonight and we had 40&#8217;s and watched the Osbournes. it&#8217;s only the second show of the season but i find myself really enjoying it. honestly, i feel a little guilty that i actually like something mtv has produced. i feel dirty.</p>

<p>i think what i find most amusing is that of the entire family, ozzy is really just an innocent bystander. compared to the rest of them, he&#8217;s the sane one. </p>

<p>the only *bleep*ing problem i have with the *bleep*ing show is that *bleep*ing everyone in the *bleep*ing family *bleep*ing swears so *bleep*ing much that you *bleep*ing can&#8217;t *bleep*ing make a *bleep*ing word out. but it&#8217;s still *bleep*ing funny.</p>