By anders pearson 23 Apr 2002

i’ve finally gotten around to writing another theme for thraxil. if you go to your user page and edit your settings, you can now select the ‘barebones’ theme. it’s basically just thraxil with no styling whatsoever; stories aren’t posted on the main page, just their subjects with a link to read the rest of the story. most people probably won’t like it but it could be useful if you consistently visit the site from a slow connection or an old browser that doesn’t like CSS. mostly this was just an exercise to demonstrate that theme selection does actually exist and work properly. expect more to come in the future.

<p>since i now have a <span class="caps">WAP</span>-enabled cellphone, i may even get ambitions and make a <span class="caps">WML</span> version of thraxil so i can read it on my phone.</p> 

Tags: meta themes