Announcement: domains

By anders pearson 11 Jun 2002 appears to be having some trouble. they’re a free service that provides simple domain name functionality. for the last couple years, i’ve been using them to point at this site. my main rationale for using instead of going the ‘proper’ route and registering thraxil.(com|net|org) has been simplicity. i’ve never really bought into the whole mindset that you need a good domain to be cool. the system is a beaurocratic nightmare with the main players abusing their customers every chance they get. stories about squatters selling domains for millions of dollars just made me laugh. i’ve never had any great desire to subject myself to that kind of abuse.

<p> seems to be having problems lately though. you may have noticed that this site was inaccessible for the last couple days. it should be fixed now and should exist for at least the near future. however, the future is not looking so good for at the very least, it&#8217;s unstable enough to have me worried.</p>

<p>so i bit the bullet and registered,, and i grabbed all three because i couldn&#8217;t make up my mind at it was pretty cheap. it could take a day or two for <span class="caps">DNS</span> to propagate fully and for any/all of them to work.</p>

<p>once they stabilize, you&#8217;ll want to change your bookmarks and links to point to one of the new domains (for the time being, all of them will point to the same place. in the future, i might decide to different things with different ones though).</p>

<p>in other words, in the next couple days, will be deprecated.</p> 

Tags: meta domain