By anders pearson 23 Oct 2002

i’ve mentioned before that the name ‘thraxil’ came out of some old sci-fi book on my parents’ bookshelf that i haven’t been able to track down since.

today i had a breakthrough.

my dad mailed me a bunch of books of fantasy art (including HR Giger, Rick Griffin, Moebius, Mouse + Kelly, and others). in the stack of books was “The Garden of Unearthly Delights: The Paintings of Josh Kirby.” in it i recognized a painting as the <a href=””>cover of the book</a> from whence ‘thraxil’ came.

the book is called “<a href=””>Stress Pattern</a>” by <a href=””>Neal Barrett, Jr.</a> it was written in 1974 and seems to be well out of print now. i’ve found a few spots online that have used copies so i’ll probably pick one up just to have around. if anyone else is interested in the origins of the name, i recommend you do the same. i remember it being a fairly good book.

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