jere's 2003

By anders pearson 05 Jan 2003

in attendance this year: jere, raim, myself, nigel, teri, nigel’s little brother sasha, matti, jesse, anthony, heather, tasha, and emile.

    some highlights:
  • presenting jere with the eMac that we'd all chipped in to get her.
  • emile brought his homemade didgeridoos and showed us how to play them.
  • tasha cooked nature burgers and some fantastic indian stuff.
  • after running entirely out of alcohol, heather, tasha, and i drive all over massachusets at 1am looking for beer only to discover that it's illegal to sell alcohol in mass. after 11pm.
  • then we get back and discover 4 beers, 2 bottles of wine and 3 bottles of champagne hidden away in the fridge and the cellar.
  • lots of card games

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