by anders pearson Fri 11 Apr 2003 19:01:36

the other night i stumbled across Gåte and i'm blown away.

they're a norwegian band. they play mostly traditional norwegian folk songs but with modern interpretations. their singer has an unbelievably powerful voice and she's apparently only 16. the band's sound ranges from alternative rock to metal to ambient/goth/electronic. but always with a tradiotional folk slant to the melodies and folk instruments mixed in with the electric guitars and drum machines.

very eclectic stuff but worth checking out.

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Not only does she sing in Norwegian, she sings in a dialect of nynorsk, one of the two official languages of Norway - the other being bokml.

Nynorsk was a late 19th-century nationalist project to counteract the effects of 400 years of Danish colonization upon the Norwegian tongue. Like all such efforts, the goal seems absurd nowadays: to re-create a language before it was corrupted by outside influence by going to small towns in remote valleys and listening to the dialects.

You can hear one big difference right off the bat because the Gunnhild uses the pronoun eg for "I" instead of jeg. Much closer to the West Norse languages like Icelandic than to Danish:

English Nynorsk Faroese Icelandic Swedish Danish Bokml
since sidan sian san sedan siden siden
I eg eg g jag jeg jeg
not ikkje ikki ekki icke ikke ikke
these desse hesar essar dessa disse disse

The Norwegian Language Council has a good history of the language situation in Norway.

(And my best guess as to the pronunciation of the name is "GOH-teh".)

I ran into this bad by accident too and I'm totally impressed both the quality and the "freshness" of their product. It's the best I've heard in teen years... Celt music is way too wasted..

I'm from norway and I love gtes new single "sj attende"! there's really very few norwegian bands that sing in norwegian, most use english...besides, you should check out a norwegian band called kaizers orchestra. =D

in norwegian: jeg er fra norge og elsker gtes nye singel "sj attende"! det er faktisk veldig f norske band som synger p norsk, de fleste bruker engelsk...forresten, du burde sjekke ut et norsk band kallt kaizers orchestra. =D

You can stream the video from their new single from here: mms://

(open in windows media player)

Awsome stuff!

What does "sj attende" mean?

It's nynorsk (neo-norwegian) and means "look back".

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