Error And Annihilation

by anders pearson Thu 01 Nov 2007 00:33:12

My NaGraNoWriMo shall now commence.

I've been convinced to scale back my ambitions to just 30 pages, or about three to four hours per day instead of my original goal of 50 pages.

I've got a fresh large Moleskine sketchbook with 30 pages pre-numbered, a pack of nonrepro blue leads for my mechanical pencil, a small collection of Sakura Micron pens, and I'm ready to go.

My working title for the book is "Error And Annihilation". I'll try to post an update now and then, but no guarantees.

TAGS: art book shameless self-promotion comics graphic novel


again: good luck, have lots of fun, and remember to breathe every 60 seconds or so.

Always fun to be creative, looking forward to seeing what you hammer out after all that time!!

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