2015 Music

By anders pearson 24 Dec 2015

It’s the time of the year when everyone puts out their top albums of 2015 lists. 2015 has been a very good year for the kind of music that I like, so I thought about writing my own up, but decided that I am too lazy to pare it down to just 10 albums or so. Instead, here’s a massive list of 60 albums (and 1 single) that came out in 2015 that I enjoyed. If you like dark, weird music (atmospheric black metal, doom, sludge, noise, and similar), perhaps you might too. I’ve only included albums that are up on Bandcamp (they’re generous with previews and you can buy the album if you like it). There are way too many for me to write about each (and really, what’s the point when you can listen to each of them for yourselves?). I also make no attempt at ranking them, thus they are presented in alphabetical order by artist name.

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