By anders pearson 24 Feb 2019

The #shelfie hashtag has been coming up lately. I’m bad at social media, but I thought I’d post mine here.

I moved from the US to Europe a few years ago and I had to massively cut down my book collection. In the last few years, I’ve started accumulating books again, but I’ve been a bit more purposeful this time around. So most of the books on my shelves are ones that I decided were important enough to bring across the ocean with me or that I’ve wanted to have for reference since the move. Fiction and “lighter” non-fiction that I’m only going to read through once I try to buy in electronic formats so it doesn’t take up precious space in my flat.

shelf 1

My books are vaguely organized though not totally consistently. The top shelf here is the really random stuff, including the few bits of fiction I have in physical form, Dutch language books (that’s “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” in Dutch), and of course, one of my small paintings in the front.

The middle shelf is sort of C++, Linux, Networking, and low level systems stuff.

Bottom is mostly Cloud, DevOps, and SRE related.

shelf 2

These shelves are right below a window so I had a hard time getting a clearer photo without it washing out a bit.

Top shelf here is focused more on CS and distributed systems. Some classics here like SICP, CLSR, the Dragon Book, CTM, etc.

Bottom shelf is the fun one with my weird art books. The foil wrapped one is the NASA Graphics Standards Manual. The old looking one next to it is an 1800’s edition of Elihu Vedder’s illustrated version of the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam.

shelf 3

Top here is math and random programming books that didn’t fit on the other shelves.

The bottom shelf has a few electronics books and random large ones that won’t fit elsewhere. The filing box is mostly full of printed out CS papers.

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