digital cameras

By emile 06 Jun 2001

i’m shopshopshopping for digital cameras in the 3 megapixel range. my front runners are the kodak dc4800 (which i had to buy to try out, bestbuy sucks…), the nikon coolpix 880, and the olympus c3040. im also considering the canon powershot g1 and s20 but theyre a bit expensive. anyone have any advice? i’m about to return the dc4800 as its nearing the end of my 10 day ‘trial’. considerations: the dc4800 has sub par indoor performance and red channel noise, and higher than average chromatic abberations. the coolpix 880 is 150-200$ more than the dc4800 and gets bad reviews on cnet, about being too complicated. the c3040 is a nice one, but is the most expensive of the class. i’ve been poking around but i can’t make a definative comparison. any input?