By emile 09 Dec 2001

i just took the hottest shower of my life, to the point of painful. and low and behold, i was given a question to answer. are people more inclined to do harm to those who have harmed them than to reciprocate kindness? do we lean more towards vengance than the propagation of happiness?

<p>what if it&#8217;s true? what does that say about people?</p>

<p>i detest vengance. what does that say about me? perhaps it&#8217;s a metric of some sort. not like i&#8217;m within a fucking mile of mr perfect, but maybe figuring out the split on those two goals is a basic indicator of what i like to pretend are &#8220;good people&#8221;. </p>

<p>is there any difference between doing good or evil and doing right or wrong?</p> 

Tags: rant