By emile 05 Mar 2002

does anyone here use audiogalaxy to preview music before you buy it? i found an interesting “feature” a few days ago. if you have someone’s UID you can essentially log into their account.
audiogalaxy is two seperate components: a web interface through which searches are performed and downloads controlled, and a satallite application, which handles the file transfers and indexing of your local collection. with the right url, containing a person’s UID, you can download files onto their computer and play them. i believe that it onlf supports the transfer of mp3 files, so currently the only potential is that to annoy the heck out of audiogalaxy users by blaring yoko ono mp3s on their computers at 4am, or potentially fill their harddrive with random music. does anyone know of a potential malicious application? are there mp3 virii?

Tags: audiogalaxy exploit