by jerfunfin Sun 03 Feb 2002 12:23:30

After watching the new NIN live DVD and then The Third Man with Orson Wells and Joseph Cotten,
I went to the Underground with Anders. The place has changed dramatically from a year ago. It used
to be a jazz/coffee bar type of place. Now it is quite the lounge, including multi-colored lighting
(yes, they have black lights), Lava lamps, retro wall coverings, pool table and a back room for
live performances. I liked it alot. And being is it is only a block away….

<p>That wont stop my village going at all. I will just be going Underground when I am hanging in my hood<br />

instead of The Abbey or Dive.

<p>And I still need to find out what happened to <span class="caps">WHAT</span>!</p>
TAGS: bars upper west side

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