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we're all idiots

By jp 07 Mar 2003

this is a reprint from over at <a href=””>superultramega</a>, but I thought it might spark some conversation.

so apparently a whole bunch of fucktards are going to <a href=”“>not eat for our President</a>, Dubyah “daddy’s ‘lil monkey” Bush. someone explain to me how this came to be?

see, what they don’t know is a megaphone from the belfry of their church makes a nice booming voice from the heavens. another two weeks of this and hopefully I’ll starve the GOP right outta existence.

which I would love. seriously, the USA sucks. I mean fucking sucks. call me an anti-patriot, and tell me I’m taking my civil freedoms for granted (I don’t), but you cannot ignore the fact that we’re <a href=””>killing POW’s</a>, shipping other prisoners to countries that practice torture for interrogation, we’re flipped off the world once with the Kyoto protocol, we’re trying to buy out the countries that don’t bow before our global conquest (Russia, Turkey, etc), and we’re basically showing the entire U.N., NATO, and global community that we’ll do whatever we please, fuck you very much.

this is rotten like a syphilitic corpse’s groin.

seriously, listen to Dubyah talk about Saddam. “A tyrant, who possesses weapons of mass destruction, and will not hesistate to use them on the world to disrupt peace, and bring terror” etc blah blah. close your eyes, and think: he could be talking about himself. seriously, we’ve got this fucking money sitting on the biggest red button in the world, content to ignore all warnings about sustainable development, natural resources, political balance, human rights, and future threats to our country and the entire world. he’s got the weapons, the sanctions, the muscle and the carelesness to fuck with whomever he wants. he is a tyrant. he’s our own private Saddam.

but it kills me that rather than trying to put out a fire that’s already been started, he’s going to throw gas on it. does it occur to anyone else that Islamic militants wouldn’t hate us so much if we hadn’t intentionally overthrown every country in the middle east at least once in the past 50 years? so instead of working to attain stability without perterbing the political/social environment (i.e. letting the northern Iraqis establish their own democracy, as they’ve desired), we’re going to fuck it all up again (all this talk of the U.S. occupation and installation of our own little puppet). how many terrorists is this going to create? answer: all of them.

oh yeah, and N. Korea. why are we even bugging Saddam?

anyhow kids, the moral of the story is we’re maiming a living thing, and keeping it alive and in extreme pain to bleed it slowly to death of the blood that we crave: oil. buy Citgo (from Texas, not Saudi Arabia) gas, and for chrissakes let’s try to not fuck up the next election.

somewhat new and improved

By jp 21 Jan 2003

so I’ve given my personal corner of the web a teeny overhaul. the organizaion is certainly different, and it sports a nice atari 2600-ish ketchup and mustard theme I cooked up in a rare burst of creativity.

<p>recent content is to follow, but it&#8217;s something new and unique to look at for now</p> 

shoe wear

By jp 20 Dec 2002

Shu sighting:

<p>&#8220;Let it been known once and for all that Sydney</p>

<p>Australia is home to the blandest, two cent,</p>

<p>uninspired, and definately not yo mama&#8217;s food of all the planet. Damn that <a href="">turducken</a> looks good&#8221;</p>

<p>I guess he and Liz made it the land down under safely. If I&#8217;da known when I was in <a href="">Japan</a> this summer I mighta popped down to see the kids.</p> 

old men

By jp 17 Dec 2002

I’d just like to point out that I’m pretty sure yesterday was Tuck’s birthday. he yells are people whilst wearing suspenders now.

<p>happy birthday Tuck. later on this month, the two JC&#8217;s birthdays: Jesus&#8217; and mine.</p> 


By jp 20 Oct 2002

has anyone heard from tuck since he went back to china?

putrid, but with a purpose

By jp 02 Aug 2002

every now and again, it’s good to come across the existance of a complete and utter asshole, not really to get one all worked up, but just as a reality check. I find the circles I move in contain a severe minimum of the twisted conservatives (such as exhibit A here), and they’ve become an out of sight out of mind majority to me.

<p>no wonder I can&#8217;t ever figure out why Bush is in office.</p> 

job merits

By jp 01 Aug 2002

this is on file over at my site, but given the lack of posts lately, I thought it might be good as a discussion sparker. rant:

<p>first, I should say that I&#8217;m really enjoying my time in Japan. alot. so much so, in fact, that I&#8217;m finding myself jealous in a really irrational way of any other gaijin that has any reason to be here longer than the three month <span class="caps">VISA</span>&#8217;s I keep having to get. part of it stems from the fact that Japan is inherently for the Japanese, so postions for a foreign fella such as myself are few and far between (you can&#8217;t even work the convience stores here without significant lingual skills and knowledge of the more polite forms of speech, unlike the US of A). therefore, any gaijin being here represents one less chance for me to visit an extended stay on this place. but moreover, I think the fact is that I&#8217;m really making a huge effort to get deep into the language, the life, and the culture to figure out what being 24 in Japan is all about. and while I&#8217;m doing this in the <span class="caps">EXTREMELY</span> limited windows of time I&#8217;m afforded here, I get to watch any old dink from america, who&#8217;s usually too much of a twit back home to be bearable or has some sick asian/pedophile/both fetish going on come over here to ride the wave of good fortune that one gets by being an american dude. </p>

<p>so my angst is thus: given the chance, I&#8217;d love to explore the culture deeper, and further my understanding of what modern Japan is about. I&#8217;d hate being an english teacher, and I&#8217;d be bad at it, so till then I&#8217;m stuck biding my time waiting for a post-doc, job, etc to come along and whisk me off to mochiland. but in the mean time, since all american men are stereotyped together, I have to sit by and watch a bunch of directionless, indifferent dolts march through this place, sleeping with their students, &#8220;teaching&#8221; english whatever way they please (since who&#8217;s to say if  they&#8217;re a bad teacher?), tainting the reputation I&#8217;m going to eventually carry and basically using this place as a playground, to eventually leave, as americans leave all things, littered with the detritus of their time spent. </p>

<p>it&#8217;s pretty clear, in some respects, why the US has such bad global relations politically &#8211; just look at our minor emmisaries. any US national almost always stands out abroad, save the few that try to blend and merge rather than conform the space around them to their wishes.</p> 

oheadtotoe gozaimasu

By jp 03 Jul 2002

so I’m going to be keeping a photo-annotated weblog of sorts of the summer program in Osaka, which you can read here if you’re interested.

panda pr0n

By jp 02 Jul 2002

the Japan times is always good for a few spectacular sidebars every now and again:

<p>&#8220;Pandas watch porn to get in the mood&#8221;</p>

<p>I&#8217;ve heard about this before, but I didn&#8217;t know they were still trying to do it. I just wonder if they&#8217;ve tried a Ron Jeremy vs. Hua Mei the giant panda babe match up with some bad 70&#8217;s funk yet.</p>