Get out of jail free

by kamden Wed 07 Nov 2001 10:37:20

So this evening I spent some time rubbing elbows with Jerome Cohen, NYU Law Prof., and the U.S.‘s foremost expert on Chinese criminal justice law. Much to his ammusement, I told him of Anders’ and my exploits in 1997. He told me to watch it regardless, but if I ever got into trouble again, to contact him so that I don’t rot away in labor camp. I mean, this is the guy who busted out Gao Zhan and is working on the Liu Yaping case. Essentially, if one gets into any “Mafan” ranging from inapropriate weapons posession to the leakage of national secrets, homeboy will deliver. (Bonus: he is old, takes some cases pro bono, and has major guanxi in sichuan.) I think i’ll go moon the polit-bureau tomorrow.

TAGS: china law

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