Optical Storage

By lani 09 Jun 2005

This is a shameless cry for geek help!

<p>Our lab would like to archive files for the future.  We are storing large tiff files that are about 200MB each.  Hopefully, I am putting out decent data and we will need to keep the files for&#8230;let&#8217;s say 10-20 years at least.  I was looking into external <span class="caps">DVD</span> burners (both Mac &amp; PC compatible) and am currently considering the Plextor 716UF.  And whilst searching, <a href="http://www.blu-ray.com/">Blu-ray</a> and HD-<span class="caps">DVD</span> cam up.  So here&#8217;s my question&#8230;and it may be stupid because I&#8217;m not a computer person&#8230;but does anyone thing that <span class="caps">DVD</span> storage of data will be uselessly obsolete in 10-20 years?  will I need to put <span class="caps">DVD</span>-<span class="caps">ROM</span>s into storage along with them?</p> 

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